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Emiratis in US warned about Hurricane Irma
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2016-07-27 / Admin

You're likely to survive a car crash if you look like this man

Most people don’t have much of an idea about just how vulnerable they are in case of a road accident. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria, Australia, has now introduced ‘Graham’ in order to demonstrate just how far the human body would have to evolve to withstand the impact of a car crash.

‘Graham’ is a sculpture that is built using fibreglass, silicone, resin, and human hair and is the creation of Melbourne artist Patricia Piccinini and hospital trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield to show how painfully inadequate the human body is to tolerate the effects of a collision on the road.

Visitors to the State Library of Victoria can check out ‘Graham’ until August 8th and will even be able to learn more about his unique physiological features with the help of immersive augmented reality technology.

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