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Turn heads with these ponytail hair trends

Are you tired of your regular hairdos that you sport while heading out for work or an evening get together? It's time you tried out some of these pony .ail trends which seem to be favourites even among celebs. We list out a few...

Half-French braid pony

Start braiding your hair into a French plait. When it is half done, take a few strands and plait it. Use the braided hair as a hairband and tie the remaining like a pony. Secure the braided hair with bobby pins.

An open pony

This one is for those with naturally wavy hair. Tie a pony and slowly pull the hairband to the bottom, leaving a few inches of hair. This will make it look like an open pony.

Part it well

Create a centre parting, leave a few strands to frame your face and tie the rest with a band. Ensure that you curl the bottom of the ponytail to make it look cool.

One on the top

A high pony is always attractive. In this case, don't leave any hair loose to fall over your face. Secure every strand in a neat pony that is tied almost on the top of your head. This suits those with long hair the best.

A low pony

Brush your hair well and apply a bit of gel to tame your hair and give it some shine. Then bundle your hair into a low pony. Take a few strands of hair from the bottom and wrap it around the ponytail with a hairband. This style will lend you a sleek and sophisticated look.

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