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Emiratis in US warned about Hurricane Irma
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Knee Osteoarthritis Can Be Cured by Sugar Injections

According to the latest medical reports knee osteoarthritis can be cured by injections of sugar or sodium .

Knee osteoarthritis, may lead to cevere pain nd disability in older adults ,This is because flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down. Since there is no prescribed medicine to cure this physical therapy or anti-inflammatory medications are often prescribed to relieve pain and improve mobility.

Prolotherapy ia a type of treatment which involves injecting a solution of natural irritants like sugar or sodium next to the site where soft tissue like ligaments, tendons or muscle were injured or tore away from the bone.Results from these studies, which had a total of 529 patients, suggest that prolotherapy may be a safe way to help ease pain from knee osteoarthritis.

Senior study author Dr. Nicola Maffulli of the University of Salerno in Italy says though this treatment canot be prescribed as the first step but can be tried as an alterntive .He suggest that prolotherapy may be a safe way to help ease pain from knee osteoarthritis.

However none of the studies reported dangerous side effects from prolotherapy, and the researchers note that the solutions injected may not cost much or be difficult to administer.

prolotherapy may be safe and effective along with conservative therapies such exercises, physical therapy, oral analgesic medications and complementary therapies such as acupuncture and herbal treatment.

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