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Minor girls found dead: father now under the radar


 The Cabinet on Thursday approved a National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes as a constitutional body. The new panel will replace the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) that looked into the inclusion and exclusion of OBCs for quotas, among other issues. B


 Indian revolutionaries Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru were hanged on March 23, 1931, in the Lahore jail against the scheduled execution on March 24. They were sentenced to death in the Lahore conspiracy case wherein they were found guilty of murdering senior British police o

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 The National Museum of American History, part of the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, wants to hire a beer specialist for three years to taste beer in breweries across the country.“Brewing and beer have been an important part of the American experience since before the nation’s


 While science suggests sex can improve mood and decrease anxiety by reducing stress signals in the brain, it’s possible doing the deed can interfere with leading a healthy life.Sex is a normal, healthy, fun part of adult life.sexual attraction and sexual compatibility are the basis of ma


 Tamil Nadu have become the first state to win all BCCI senior trophies after winning the Deodhar Trophy on Wednesday. The state, which won the Ranji Trophy in 1987-88, also won the Vijay Hazare Trophy this year, making them five-time winners in the tournament. Tamil Nadu won the Irani Cup in 1


 A US-based startup has made a smart pen called 'Cronzy Pen' that collects colour from its surroundings and allows writing in over 16 million colours. Connected to a dedicated app, the pen scans colours from the objects and saves it to the user's smartphone. It takes a minute before the pen is


 Canada-based scientists have scanned the genome of cannabis plants to find the genes responsible for their lemony, earthy flavours. They identified about 30 genes including ones
 Netherlands and Brazil-based researchers have determined the Amazon River was formed more than 9 million years ago. Chemical analyses of sediments from an exploration site in
A diet heavy in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, has shown potential risk-reduction properties for colorectal, prostate and various other forms of cancer. Broccoli 
 We all know how a sneeze happens. What we don’t know is why our eyes automatically close when we do it.  For someone with a cold, allergies, or just a tickle in the
 Alfred Nobel, inventor of the dynamite, made its first public demonstration on July 14, 1867, at a village called Merstham in England. During the demonstration, Nobel set fire


Artist Abraham Poincheval on Wednesday sat on 10 eggs to hatch them. Poincheval, who is mimicking a mother hen by incubating eggs inside a glass vivarium using his body heat, estimates
A young man in India who was presumed to have died after being bitten by a snake rose up from the funeral pyre at the moment it was set on fire. The 23-year-old man, named as Sandeep,
 The first mangrove museum in the world opened in Sri Lanka on World Mangrove Day on Tuesday. The launch took place on the first anniversary of a national project aimed at protecting
 Most people don’t have much of an idea about just how vulnerable they are in case of a road accident. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria, Australia, has
To protest against the poor road conditions in Bengaluru, an artist turned a pothole into an artificial pond and recreated a scene from 'The Frog Prince', on Monday. The artwork by


Dubbed the Irish Orient Express, the Belmond Grand Hibernian will launch in Ireland this September. Prices per person start at €3,160 ($3,531) for a two-night journey on the luxury
 Chinese women have been sporting 'facekini' masks on beaches, a trend which has grown popular since its debut twelve years ago. The masks, which are sold for about $2 to $4,
 China recently tightened its laws on the sale, purchase, and production of its state-protected animals for food. Starting 2017, those caught with the animals would face criminal
 The Haryana government plans to set up Satkar Bhojan canteens, that provide subsidised food to people, across the state by November 1. As a pilot project, the first such canteen
This will be the second bullet train of its kind, after its predecessor that runs along the Mumbai-Ahemdabad corridor. The train will follow a route via Lucknow, Aligarh, Agra


 The first look of actors Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif from their upcoming film 'Tiger Zinda Hai' has been unveiled. "Back Together, in Tiger Zinda Hai," wrote Salman
 Indian actor and comedian Brahmanandam Kanneganti, who is known for his roles in Telugu cinema, currently holds the Guinness World Record for ‘most screen credits for a
American actress Scarlett Johansson has become Hollywood’s highest-grossing female film star of all time, with her films making over $3.3 billion in the US, according to Box
 Actor Tushhar Kapoor, who is single, on Monday was thrilled to announce the arrival of his son, born last week. The actor – who is unmarried – fathered the new born
Malayalam film actor Jayaram to debut in Telugu with a stunning  get up. The Padmasree winner who has a huge fan base in Tamil and Malayalam was long awaited in Tollywood.  He


 Indian space agency ISRO is seeking scientific proposals for its second Mars Orbiter Mission to expand its interplanetary research. This comes after the Mars Orbiter Mission,
 US-based astronomers have found a strong evidence for the existence of water clouds on a brown dwarf 7.2 light-years away, making it the first water clouds detected outside the
 NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured images of vivid glows called 'auroras' in Jupiter's atmosphere, ahead of the entry of its Juno spacecraft in the giant planet's orbit
 India on Thursday test-fired a surface-to-air missile, jointly developed with Israel, from Chandipur defence base off the coast of Odisha. The missile includes multi-functional
 US space agency NASA is set to test-fire a booster for the world's most powerful rocket Space Launch System (SLS) which will power astronauts on the journey to Mars and on other


WHAT IT IS: A hair-colour that is inspired by colours of an oil slick. HOW IT STARTED: Last year, a Singaporean girl named Jaye posted a video on Tumblr in which she ran her hands
 The Cabinet on Wednesday relaxed the excise duty rules on gold jewellery. The new rules exempt the jewellery manufacturers having an annual turnover up to Rs 15 crore from the
The Miniskirt, which became a popular fashion trend in London during the 1960s, was named after the BMW Mini. The car was a favourite of designer Mary Quant, who is widely known for
 Are you tired of your regular hairdos that you sport while heading out for work or an evening get together? It's time you tried out some of these pony .ail trends which seem
 Try the following easy tips at home and see how effective they are in reducing hair loss! 1. Hot oil treatments: Take any natural oil - olive, coconut, canola - and heat it